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We are updating the web and the app to offer the best service.

Fully operating soon. To contact us, send an email to contacto@vacumap.com



Slide Our Comitment to Safety We aim to help the population through technology to get vaccinated fast and safely through our app. Learn More


Safe, Easy and Accessible Vaccination

We are focused on simplicity. Our easy-to-use interface can be used by anyone as we aim to help the population without discriminating any group of people. We reduce Covid-19 cases through organising vaccination bookings. Through this process we aim to make it easier for the population, government and vaccine sellers to save time, efforts and infections.

Let’s work together to fight the virus!

Safety of Citizens

Through technology we are willing to ease the covid-19 situation by reducing the chance of people leaving their homes and getting into crowded areas in search of the vaccine.



Research and Privacy

We securely store the data from our servers and conduct research on vaccination logistics to help as much people as possible. We are currently researching ways for optimising the number of people that can get vaccinated fast and safely. All information entered in the VacuMap app will be safely secured and used to conduct further studies.


We actively participate in NGO donations, especially to #yomecorono which collaborates in the research of infectious diseases such as COVID-19.
We are conscious about the importance of helping such organizations in these difficult times, therefore 5% of our overall profits will be fully
destined to this organisation.

Our objective is to make a positive impact on society making efforts towards covid-19, to contribute to the community and its well-being.


"Helping population with simple and effective technology"

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